Pure Dental Hygiene Practice of Melanie Waters, RDHAP | 1177 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401 | 805-549-PURE

Our Focus

We take the time to know each and every one of our patients so that we can provide high quality, personalized dental hygiene care to meet your individualized needs. Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable and positive patient experience.

We customize your professional dental hygiene treatments on the basis of your periodontal (gums and bone) health. Many people have infections in the gums and bone that goes undetected because it does not cause any pain. You can expect us to determine what is necessary to keep you healthy and infection free before it is too late.

Our commitment is to be as thorough as possible in everything we do. By being thorough, we can continually re-evaluate your hygiene needs and develop a personal plan necessary to maintain a lifetime of good oral health.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you take care of your smile.